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Will it hurt when we live in paradise?

Name: Sara
Age: Thirteen
Location: Minneapolis, MN.
Favorite color(s): green, or brown & pink together.
Three books you have read:
_Freaky Green Eyes
those are the most recent at least.
Favorite movie(s):
_Garden State
_Sixteen Candles
_Moulin Rouge
_Detroit Rock City
_Napoleon Dynamite
_Mean Girls
Favorite song(s):
_Brand New ; Ok I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
_Bright Eyes ; Lua
_Sugarcult ; Champagne
_Alkaline Trio ; Stupid Kid
_The Killers ; Mr. Brightside
_The Academy Is ; The Phrase That Pays
What do you do for fun:
I love going on walks, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, ice skating/playing hockey. Coffee shops are also really great places to hang out, and I have to admit I'm online quite a bit. Ha.
Give us 8 interests for the community:
_Jones Soda
_The Academy Is
_Polka dots
_Bright Eyes
_Brand New
_Alkaline Trio
_Something Corporate
Abortion: I'm for the woman's choice. I don't know what I'd do myself if I were put in a situation like that, but I definitely think a woman should be able to choose, not have her husband or the government choose for her. Abortions in the third trimester are disgusting and definitely need to be outlawed, but other than that like I said it's the woman's choice. She has to deal with the physical, spiritual and emotional consequences of her decision.
Same sex marriages: I'm not neccesarily for or against them, I mean it doesn't seem like that huge of a deal to me. But I also see the point some people have against it, if they were allowed it could change a child's normal image of a family and their future wedding which could cause a problem, but it would also be good and broaden some people's horizons.
Sxe,Hxc,Emo: I guess I'm sXe but I don't make a huge deal out of it. Everything is getting so scene nowadays it's getting pretty irritating and old to me.
If you were to make a new core what would it be, and why?: Something that worships music because that's where it's all at. then again I guess that's kind of emo...only emo tends to have a lot to do with fashion too.
Why are you worthy of this community: Because I fucking rock your socks and you know it. Nah, I'm just kidding. Becuase I'm pretty down to earth and awesome for a thirteen year old, in my opinion.
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I have some really odd sides to myself, some days I dress preppy, some days I dress almost gothic. I've been in dance class since I was four years old but I also play hockey? I guess you could say I'm pretty well balanced but it confuses people occasionally.

Write a short story using the following words-- Llama,taco,heart, hoodie and a word of your choice.:

How the Llama Found His Heart

The llama was a jolly fellow, stupid but jolly nonetheless. He usually lounged around eating wheatgrass and taking strolls along the lake near his home, the Taco Farm. One day he wondered why he was so lazy and didn't get into anything. He had a brain, which gave him the logic to go on strolls every Friday night (that was when the farmer's celebrated Bean Taco Night..not a pleasant smell, which was exactly why he had to take those walks). He had lungs to allow him to breathe in the deep refreshing air around the farm. He even had kidneys to keep his "excretory liquids" nice and tidy. But there was one thing missing...Aha! A heart. It struck him as suddenly as a bolt of lightning strikes a lightning rod.

So he went on a long quest, encountering many things including cliffs, too small hoodies, lions, tigers, bears, the whole works. In the end he realized he had had a heart the whole time, he was just being distracted from it by his heartburn, so he snuck inside the Taco Farm's mainhouse, quickly ran into the pharmacy and found some Tums, minty flavored indeed.

After that day, he was much happier in everything he did, and also did it with much more compassion.
And that is how the llama finally found his heart.

Make us laugh: ish I'm horrible at jokes so I'll just tell you some pick-up lines.
If I told you your body was nice, would you hold it against me?

a: do you sleep on your stomach?
b: no.
a: can I?

Should I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?
Promote us in 3 places and provide the links (we will check):
1-4 pictures of yourself:

1 100X100 pic of yourself for the members section; oh my stars! I'm sorry to say I'll get back to you on that one.
I have a 100x100 if you DESPERATELY need it but it does not look very good.
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