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Oh my,Stars!

Name: Marybeth
Age: 14
Birthday: 2-8-90
Location: Hanover PA
Sexual Pref.:Boys please.
Status:Pic?: Single----
Favorite color(s): Black,white,pink,red.
Favorite band(s): oh my i have tons. lol --Boys night out,Postal service,Alkaline trio
Three books you have read:Harry potter/This lullaby/The series of unfortunate events
Favorite movie(s): Crazy/beautiful
What do you do for fun: Hang out with my friends. or go somewhere
Give us 8 intrests for the community: music,boys,girls,mean girls,cool,whore,emo
Abortion: Against It. You should of used protection.
Same sex marriages: WOOOOO I LOVE SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS/MARRIAGES. <3 Its teh sex. k thnx .
sxe,hxc,emo: whatever floats your boat .
If you were to make a new core what would it be and why?: dork-core (dxc) because theres too many dorks in the world and we need our own group.
Why do you think you are worthy of this community?: because i sooooooo voted a yes for you in all the communitys we are in together ;) hehe.
Tell us something intresting about yourself: I surf. And Skateboard. and I believe that You can be anywhere when your life begins, once you find the right person, anythings possible.
Make a short story using the following words:
-Llama-taco-heart-hoodie-and a word of your choice.
There once was a LLAMA who loved TACO's with all his HEART.
Once day he was eating his TACO and spilled some of it on his HOODIE
and screamed FUCK! . haha .
Make us laugh: I just did but i shall do it again.

Promote us in 3 place and show the links!
(we will check)
1-4 pics of yourself:

1 100X100 pic of yourself for the members section;
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