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I had the notion that youd make my change my ways

and my bad habits would be gone in a matter of days

Emo__sluts and other whores
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Emo__Sluts and other whores is a rating community for boys and girls or ALL ages.
To join:
Read ALL of the rules
Fill out the WHOLE application.
do NOT tlk lyk diz!< you go to school for a reason!
If you get rejected you can re-apply in two days with NEW pictures and NEW answers.
Everyone is welcome to apply.
One last word of advice--do NOT fight or argue in this comminity doing so will get you banned.

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Fill out the application within 24 hours of joining
You MUST fill out the ENTIRE application.
put "Will it hurt when we live in paradise?" In the subject title of your application.
put the application under and LJ cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut contact somebody and find out.
Put "spare me just three last words" for the LJ cut title.
do NOT copy other people answers.We will notice.
put "Oh My Stars" somewhere on the application.
Do not post or comment in Emo__sluts until you are accepted!

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Favorite color(s):
Three books you have read:
Favorite movie(s):
Favorite song(s):
What do you do for fun:
Give us 8 intrests for the community:
Same sex marriages:
If you were to make a new core what would it be, and why?
Why are you worthy of this community:
Tell us something intresting about yourself:
Write a short story using the following words-- Llama,taco,heart, hoodie and a word of your choice.
Make us laugh:
Promote us in 3 places and provide the links (we will check):
1-4 pictures of yourself:
1 100X100 pic of yourself for the members section;



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